World Synergy to Uplift Humanity

The 9 Keys for Life are the cornerstone for what Worldwide Holdings provides. The ultimate objective is to help make the world a better place. Founder Lamar N. Jensen, outlined 9 essential resources that builds prosperity in a community. 


Worldwide Holdings Investment Group is an organization committed to enhancing the lives of people throughout the world. We provide innovative and advanced resources that impact the quality of life for anyone, regardless of circumstances or location. Our focus is to create a better world by introducing and implementing to individuals, families and communities, 9 key initiatives that sustains a prosperous society and will grant its residence a joyful life.


Through our network of profitable companies world-wide, sharing the values of The 9 Keys for Life, we aim to be a major participant in humanitarian projects with the objective of positively influencing the lives of at least 5 million people. Through employment opportunities, vocational and agricultural training, affordable housing, technology and education we will actively lift and improve not only individual lives but have a significant impact on countries in need of these resources and where we have an active presence.


We believe that everyone on Earth deserves to live in peace and safety, claiming the basic rights of freedom of choice, access to healthcare, education, wholesome food and clean water.

Through The 9 Keys for Life, WWH is committed to assist in the delivery of these basic rights through our entire network of companies worldwide to as many people as we can. We wish to do good where-ever we are represented, leaving both countries, individuals and families better than when we found them.


Worldwide Holdings Investment Group specialty is identifying quality companies seeking growth and preparing them to go public and increasing their value several multiples as well as providing expert management. 


Worldwide Holdings Investment Group has a keen ability for discovering innovative and unique technologies that will advance humanity for good. We are actively engaged currently in numerous projects ranging from A to Z.  


Worldwide Holdings Investment Group is recognized as a significant provider in delivery of Oil & Gas to the world. Our O&G Team, which is among the worlds top experts in the field, are currently involved in several projects.    


Worldwide Holdings Investment Group places great importance in developing land and constructing facilities that provides production, protection, employment, entertainment, etc.. The partnership with the SADEEN GROUP enables the WWH to be a world leader in infrastructure development. 


Worldwide Holdings Investment Group is a leader in overseeing and contributing to worthy causes. We seek opportunities to do good and leverage our resources to projects that inspires, educates and brings awareness to humanity – of the good in the world.

These are a few projects underway - check out our project board to see all Worldwide Holdings Projects.



We believe we live in a time when many people now are acting on their imagination and tapping into their higher intelligent mind. New and advanced ideas that enhance our life experience are coming into reality. Products designed to improve our lives can be created.  Worldwide Holdings, provides a home for these ideas to flourish and then be distributed throughout the world.   


Worldwide Holdings Investment Group has invested years in identifying and developing significant relationships with “like-minded” people throughout the world. Today, we have a vast network of partners and associations that represent every region of the world and maintain connections that can appropriately introduce, educate and distribute our products and programs to anyone, anywhere.  


Ultimately, Worldwide Holdings Investment Group’s objective is to have people prosper and enjoy a fulfilling life. We lead by example, many of our associates and affiliates have achieved great wealth and in return are expected to share their abundance with others to help lift them and set them on the course that leads to prosperity for themselves. When an individual has access to resources that improves their experience of life, they change for the better and in-turn, makes a better contribution to the world.